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Autocomplete feature for 'keywords' field


Plugin provides autocomplete function for 'keywords' ticket field. Optionally it is possible to restrict list of keywords allowed to input. KeywordSuggestPlugin uses jQuery plugin: Autocomplete for javascript part.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for KeywordSuggestPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.

Download and Source

Download the [download:keywordsuggestplugin zipped source], check out KeywordSuggestPlugin using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Sample picture of autocomplete feature

Label can be the link to a wiki page

'helppage' option turned on


Following section must be added to trac.ini configuration file:

keywords = tag1,tag2,tag3
mustmatch = True
helppage = TicketKeywords
helppage.newwindow = True
matchcontains = True
multipleseparator = ', '

There are two parameters to configure:

  • keywords - specifies list of comma separated values available for input
  • mustmatch - optional, if specified, 'keywords' field accepts values from the keywords list only
  • helppage - optional, if specified, 'keywords' label will be turned into the link to wiki page
  • helppage.newwindow - optional, whether wiki page opened in new window or not
  • matchcontains - optional, whether keywords which matched not from the beginning must be included into list
  • multipleseparator - which character(s) is used as separator between keywords. Must be enclosed with quotas or other characters. If not specified, ', ' is used.

Recent Changes

15264 by rjollos on 2016-02-11 05:22:34
Remove unnecessary svn:mime-type on py files

svn:mime-type was set to "plain" for many files.

12103 by rjollos on 2012-10-03 07:38:09

Refs #8141:

  • Moved generation of keywords string into a private method.
  • Several other refactorings, backed by unit tests.
  • In Trac 1.0 and later, jQuery-UI from the Trac core is added to the page. The ability to add jQuery-UI to the page was added in Trac 1.0.
12101 by rjollos on 2012-10-03 03:31:24
Refs #8141:

  • Strip single quotes from the multipleseparator Option value. This allows the user to specify a single whitespace separator as ' ' (which is not necessary since a single whitespace is the default), or even dream up separators such as double whitespace as ' '. A single whitespace character is used as the separator in the case the user specifies ''. Thanks to itamarost for pointing out this corner case in his original patch.
  • Wired up unit tests.
  • Renamed to, to work around an issue described in comment:39, in which the keywordsuggest.keywordsuggest module was not being found by the keywordsuggest.tests.keywordsuggest module when running unit tests.

NOTE: If you have enabled the plugin through webadmin or by editing trac.ini with keywordsuggest.keywordsuggest.* = enabled, you will need to re-enable the plugin through webadmin, or edit the line to keywordsuggest.web_ui.* = enabled (or keywordsuggest.web_ui.keywordsuggestmodule = enabled).



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