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    4242You find the ''Log Viewer'' on the ''Admin'' page in the ''General'' section (see [#Example below]). Having this page called, you select the log level you wish to see the entries for, using the drop-down. Optionally, you may chose to display all "higher priority" as well (where "higher" means the entries on top of the one you selected).
    44 An additional filter option is provided by the input box on the right: Here you may enter a search term - only lines including that term will be displayed then.
     44Optionally, you now can further restrict the amount of lines displayed: The ''Tail'' input works similar to the `tail -f` command, only showing the last N lines. If you input nothing here, this restriction is skipped - but if you do, the following search will be limited to these lines. In the ''Search'' input box you can enter a term which must be found in a line to be displayed. You can also use regular expressions here, in which case you must check the corresponding button. If you additionally check the "not" button, that search will be inverted - i.e. only lines ''not'' containing/matching your search term will be shown.
     46Oh, btw: hovering your mouse over the input areas will give you a short tooltip, in case you forgot these meanings ;)
    4648Once you made your selections, push the button - and the matching lines from the `trac.log` will be displayed.
     56As you can see, the log lines are quite colorful: different colors have been applied to different log levels. If you don't like my choice of colors here, you can easily apply your own style sheets. All elements can be identified without problems: the different log levels use classes, and even the other elements of the GUI use classes and ids.
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