Hi I'm studying TRAC for my professional project, I'm new in TRAC, so now I'm try to development a new ticket module. That module gonna be linked to other ticket, one module ticket for the developer, and other for the project boss. The person how delevelop the application can send the fixes problem to the boss ticket project, and the boss can accept or decline the ticket or put that only resolve the problem in R1 or Rn, and not resolve the entire problem in the others Revisions that the developer put in their ticket. The difference with the traditional trac ticket is that the tickets are more visual (and save in a database) and easy to view (table form) the evolution of the project. My other work is development the integration with svn, not only view the files or folders, i mean that you can do a checkout to your local directory (in the trac web page put one button called "download files"), change your files, and in the same trac web project, especify the path where are located your files and with one click (one button called "Send Changes") do the commit in the web browser, in the same way add the update function (SVN function), merge function (SVN function), all in the web browser.

So of course now i only know how to install TRAC, and users, and add repository but if any can help me are wellcome with ideas and knowledge of trac (marcosjgr@…).


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