MetaTracker integration


Provides links and macros for querying MetaTracker, the desktop search program, (a.k.a Tracker) and embedding file:/// links.

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Download and Source

Download plugin as an egg. You can check out MetaTrackerPluginMacro (along with other code that can safely be ignored) from an external repository using Mercurial.



  • file:sometag

Embeds a link to the first file matching the tag in the MetaTracker database. This is especially useful if files have been tagged with unique IDs. MetaTracker can track such files even when they are moved or renamed.

  • file:"/home/foo/bar"

Embeds a link to the file:

<a href="file:///home/foo/bar">bar</a>

Do a word search using MetaTracker:

[[MetaTrackerSearch(programming languages,rant)]]

This returns all files containing the text "programming languages" AND "rant", formatted in a table.

There are also macros for searching tags in the same way, see bundled documentation.

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