Assign teams to milestones


This plugin allows you to define the Manager and Team Members for a specific Milestone, as well as the ability for notification when a ticket is assigned to a Milestone with a Manager/Team.

At the web community company I work for, we have a team who's job it is to take care of bugs and small features on a weekly basis. A Milestone is created for this team each week, and tickets for these things are placed in that milestone. This team changes week to week however, depending on who is not currently assigned to one of the more major projects at the time.

I'm developing this plugin so that when the Milestone is created for the next week's worth of bug reports/minor features the manager and team can be defined, and then when a Ticket is assigned to this Milestone, the team is notified and can decide who is best suited to handle the Ticket.

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Recent Changes

5142 by silvein on 2009-01-16 17:38:24
Fixing typo...
5141 by silvein on 2009-01-16 17:33:57
Noticed problem when creating team where there was not one before after the remove member fix. This should fix that issue.
5140 by silvein on 2009-01-16 15:23:20
Fixing team member removal for the case when there are no milestones. Doubt it would ever come up though...


Author: silvein
Maintainer: Matthew Chretien

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