Add basic multiple product support


This is a plugin for Trac that adds basic multiple product support by allowing per-product components and versions.

This plugin was written in response for a need for a sub-components field in the ticketing system.

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Installation and Usage

Because a patch must be applied to Trac before using this plugin, Trac must be installed with the following commands instead of through the operating system's package manager:

$ svn export trac
$ svn export patches
$ cd trac/
$ patch -p0 <../patches/depselect_support_trac-VERSION.patch
$ python ./ install

Where VERSION is your version of Trac. Currently supported versions are 0.11.4, 0.11.5 and 0.11.6.

Now install the Multi-Product plugin:

$ easy_install -Z

When the plugin is enabled in your trac.ini file it is also recommended that you disable the admin plugins for the component and version fields, since MultiProduct is really a replacement for these fields:

multiproduct.* = enabled
trac.ticket.admin.componentadminpanel = disabled
trac.ticket.admin.versionadminpanel = disabled

The Trac environment will ask to be upgraded:

$ trac-admin /path/to/trac/environment upgrade

Once configured, Trac administrators will find a new ticket system admin panel for each of the fields added by the plugin.

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