Notification opt-out plugin


This plugin gives users opt-out option for all notifications coming from Trac. It is useful when users do not want to be notified of ticket changes where you have configured your Trac that for example all ticket updaters are informed of all changes. This also comes handy when you are using a mailing list to which all ticket changes are sent and subscribed users there do not want to be notified twice.

After installation a new checkbox appears in user's general preferences.

There is one configuration option in the notification section:

  • disable_optout_for_nonpublic, when set to True (default is False) opt-out is disabled for nonpublic tickets notifications; this is useful if combined with PublicNotificationsPlugin where you send all public changes to the mailing list and nonpublic changes you want to send only to users subscribed to the ticket, even if they opted-out.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Please use Bitbucket for any issues you have with NotificationOptOutPlugin.


Download the zipped source from here.


You can clone NotificationOptOutPlugin from here using git, or the source on GitHub.


pip install NotificationOptOutPlugin

For more information, please follow documentation on how to install Trac's plugins.


Author: mitar
Maintainer: mitar

Last modified 5 years ago Last modified on Feb 24, 2017, 8:51:47 PM