Macro Arguments

General Information

The following examples show how Trac Macro Arguments are passed in general.

  1. Multiple Arguments (short arg) must be separated with the following delimiter ,:
    • Macro Argument Example:
      [[ProjectPlan(arg1, arg2, arg3)]]
  2. A Keyword/Value pair (short kw) must be seperated with =:
    • Macro Keyword/Value (kw) Expample:
      [[ProjectPlan(key1=value, key2=anothervalue)]]
  3. It doesn't matter in which order kws/args are passed:
    • mixed
      [[ProjectPlan(arg1, key1=value, arg2, key2=anothervalue, arg3)]]

Macro Arguments by Component


kw/argKeyword or ArgumentValueDefaultDescription/Action
arg notickets - - no tickets are queried or shown and depends on renderer *
kw macroid string or integer 1 ProjectPlanPlugin uses this ID as instance Identifier, allowing multiple macros per page with separate control. Example: 2 macro instances on one page: ID1 and ID2, both handling referer/url coded arguments like <url>?id=ID1&dosomething=something and <url>?id=ID2&dosomething=nothing, passing different macro ids does allow detection which macro issued the current requested link. Currently not handled this way
kw renderer Renderer ID GVRenderer use selected or default renderer


not up to date

kw/arg Keyword or Argument Value Description/Action
kw filter_milestone Milestone
kw filter_component Component
kw filter_id ID
kw filter_type Type
kw filter_severity Severity
kw filter_priority Priority
kw filter_owner Owner
kw filter_reporter Reporter
kw filter_version Version
kw filter_status Status
kw filter_resolution Resolution
kw filter_keywords (1) Keyword
arg filter_owned -
arg filter_reported -
arg notickets -


not up to date

Specific Renderer Arguments

Rendererkw/argKeyword or ArgumentValueDescription/Action
gvrender arg withbuffer - with critical path buffer
gvhierarchical, gvrender arg notickets -
gvhierarchical, gvrender arg statuslegend - Legend for Status
gvhierarchical, gvrender arg prioritylegend - Legend for Priority
report_* kw limitlines number maximum lines

not up to date

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