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Secure Plugin Panel

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.

This is an external plugin. Please don't report any tickets here. See below for more information. Your page is on corparate spam-lists, could you upload the plugin here as well pls?


This plugin provides a slightly modified plugin panel for the admin section. Plugin installation and uninstallation have been disabled. Moreover components can be set as "readonly". This way they can't be enabled or disabled by the admin.

The components marked as "readonly" are specified in trac.ini using readonly_components in the [trac] section. The following components are always markes as "readonly":

trac.about.AboutModule, trac.perm.DefaultPermissionGroupProvider, trac.env.Environment, trac.env.EnvironmentSetup, trac.perm.PermissionSystem, trac.web.main.RequestDispatcher, trac.mimeview.api.Mimeview,, trac.admin.web_ui.AdminModule, securepluginpanel.web_ui.SecurePluginPanel, and trac.admin.web_ui.PluginAdminPanel

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Author: Sebastian Krysmanski

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