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Link to T:milestone:0.14-multiproject and magic T:#130


Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


Lets you easily manage multiple projects with one Trac instance.

  • This implements the idea of wiki:TracMultipleProjects/SingleEnvironment.
  • Milestones and versions are assigned to their projects, and both are displayed on the roadmap. There are several possibilities to filter by projects on that page, and also the timeline.
  • Components can be assigned to all or only certain projects.
  • 'New Ticket' will just offer the associated milestones, versions and components of the chosen project. This requires a new custom-ticket field 'project'.

Still an experimental version, feedback much appreciated.

Note: The Multiple Project feature in the sense of having a meta Trac project on top of several Trac projects is discussed in T:#130 and scheduled for Trac 0.14.


roadmap page filter for certain projects
new ticket page needs support for project selection
timeline page needs support for project filtering (for tickets)
version selection depending on projects
version as date on roadmap
project-related roadmap filtering/grouping: project group boxes on|off
project-related roadmap filtering/grouping: only milestones vs. only versions
project-related timeline page filtering of wiki changes
user-defined field used to define the "project" (e.g. by using component)
support permission handling
show project description as project box header on roadmap page
Localization / translation support (L10N)
check 1.0 compatibility
improve project selection widget
Per-project ticket.default_* settings

Technical thoughts

This plugin adds a new ressource 'project' implemented by database table:

  1. smp_project: a list of all defined projects

Actually, most database tables of Trac core related to ressources would need a new column 'project_id'. This way tickets, components, milestones, versions or even wikis could attach to certain projects. Since a plugin just adds stuff but cannot change the core structure, it implements the new dimension 'project' not by adding a new column to each ressource table but rather by adding several mapping tables smp_[ressource]_project, each one mapping a certain ressource to projects:

  1. smp_milestone_project: the association of milestones to projects
  2. smp_version_project: the association of versions to projects
  3. smp_component_project: the association of components to projects


Admin Interface:

Associate a milestone in a project:

Group milestones and versions on the roadmap by project, and display only projects chosen in the filter box:

display only tickets in the timeline of projects chosen in the filter box (adapted from TimelineComponentFilterPlugin):

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for SimpleMultiProjectPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from [download:simplemultiprojectplugin here].


You can check out SimpleMultiProjectPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


  1. Add a custom ticket field 'project' in your trac.ini to give tickets the information to which project they belong. Milestones selection depends on that as well.
    project = text
    project.label = Project
    project.value =
  2. Generate the plugin .egg file from sources
    python bdist_egg
  3. Copy the plugin to Trac, e.g.
    cp dist/SimpleMultiProject-0.0.1-py2.6.egg /instance_trac/plugins/
  4. Restart Apache. After installation of this plugin Trac needs a database upgrade!
    trac-admin /instance_trac/ upgrade

Recent Changes

17180 by rjollos on 2018-05-18 13:51:08
SimpleMultiProject 0.6.0dev: Fix project versions not shown

Patch by Martijn Zeedijk.

Refs #13380, Fixes #13431.

17179 by rjollos on 2018-05-15 05:17:46
SimpleMultiProject 0.6.0dev: Fix project components not shown

Patch by Martijn Zeedijk.

Refs #13380, Fixes #13429.

17166 by rjollos on 2018-05-08 23:54:44
SimpleMultiProject 0.6.0dev: Fix project select form not changing milestone

Refs #13380.



Author: crossroad, falkb, thomasd
Maintainer: crossroad

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