Add static pages to your Trac pages


This plugin allows you to serve one more more directories of static web documents through Trac. The motivation for writing this was to be able to control access to static files, eg project documentation, using Trac's authentication and authorisation system.

Source, Bugs

The source is on github. You can also file tickets there if you find any bugs.

The code is released under the BSD license.


The package can be installed from PyPI using, eg pip:

pip install staticdocs-plugin

Enable the plugin by adding the following to your trac.ini file:

staticdocsplugin.* = enabled


In your trac.ini file put a section like:


# (Optional) Set the required permission for viewing static docs
# The default is WIKI_VIEW
permission = WIKI_VIEW

# Set up some aliases: you need at least one alias for this plugin to be worthwhile
alias./docs/ = /path/to/docs/
alias./docs/other/ = /path/to/other/docs/

# (Optional) Override the required permission for a specific alias
permission./docs/other/ = TICKET_VIEW

Now if you visit for example, you will get served the file /path/to/docs/file.html.

Authors / Contributors

Author: Jeff Dairiki

Last modified 22 months ago Last modified on Feb 18, 2022, 7:13:42 PM