Subversion Location Plugin

Notice: The functionality of this plugin is included in Trac 0.12: TracRepositoryAdmin#Repositories. See the url attribute for more info.


Adds a Subversion Location link to the contextual navigation under Browse Source. The link points to the Subversion URL for the folder you're viewing. This is very handy for making checkouts and such.

Subversion Location is a lighterweight takeoff of jhammel's SvnUrlsPlugin. Thanks, jhammel!

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Follow the normal egg installation procedures.

Under the [components] section, enable the plugin:

subversionlocation.* = enabled

Finally, add a section to your project's trac.ini:

repository_url = https://your.repository/location

Drink, and enjoy.


You can check out SubversionLocationPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac. I have it in my own repository right now; if you want commit, just ask.


Author: ErikRose
Maintainer: ErikRose
Contributors: Jeremie Allard

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