Plugins complementing TagsPlugin

One of the most used plugins is the TagsPlugin, that allows a user to tag wiki pages and tickets. Adding and maintaining the relevant tags to your wiki pages and tickets allows for a site that is easier to navigate and easier to relate concepts to each other. Some other plugins that complenent tagging functionality are the following:

Embed keywords rendered by TagCloudMacro (provided by TagsPlugin).
  • extension for TagsPlugin and uses tags as keywords
  • currently supports adding keywords to tickets only
Embed commented keywords into resource pages.
  • similarly to LoomingCloudsPlugin, but presents a simple word list instead of a rendered tag cloud
  • supports adding keywords to tickets and wiki pages
  • does not require TagsPlugin to work
  • reads default keyword list from trac.ini
  • optionally use TagsPlugin for providing more keywords dynamically
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