Filter custom fields on a per-ticket basis


This plugin allows you to display or hide specific fields for a ticket. It adds support for filtering displayed custom fields on a per-ticket basis. This is useful for omitting fields that don't apply to specific ticket types. Rather than simply hiding the fields, it removes them from the transmitted data altogether, thus making page rendering and subsequent plugin evaluation faster. It works by adding a custom field responsible for keeping track of which fields should be displayed. For users with TRAC_ADMIN, TICKET_ADMIN or TICKET_FIELD_ADMIN permission, a jQuery datatable is displayed just below the standard Trac properties fieldset that is used to manage which fields are displayed.

In addition, the ticket types admin console is extended with a similar data table that allows for templating of standard ticket types. In this way, /newticket?type=foo will display only the selected fields for that type.

Per-ticket field management with jQuery datatable, where only the checked custom fields appear in the properties fieldset:

Per-ticket field management

Ticket type template via admin console:

Ticket type template admin

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