Trac plugins and macros to convert Wiki files to Latex/Pdf


This plugin is a set of Trac plugins and macros to convert Wiki files to Latex/Pdf.

For general guidance in using macros, see WikiMacros help page and after you have installed this plugin.

See also: TracMathPlugin, LatexFormulaMacro

Latex Processor


This code will produce a PNG file and a PDF file, both will be added to the Attachments section:

Latex example

Latex Document

You can generate a whole Latex document using some TexMacros and clicking in the Latex-PDF or Latex link at the end of the page:

[[LatexDocCls(article, a4paper)]]

= Section

This is a section

== SubSection

This is a subsection

=== SubSubSection

This is a subsubsection


Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for Trac2LatexPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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You can check out Trac2LatexPlugin from using Subversion:

svn checkout trac2latex`



Installation steps

  • Generate the Trac2Latex egg:
    python bdist_egg
  • Copy all macro files (.py) and plugins files (.egg) to Trac plugins* directory.
  • Restart Trac web server.

Note: Trac 0.10 uses new macro style (all macros are plugins), so please copy all files to the plugins directory and not to the wiki-macros directory.

Note: There are minor issues when installing revision 70 on a Windows server. Until these are fixed, please read the comments at the bottom of the Trac2Latex Introduction page for a description and workaround.


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