TracFormsPlugin Development Sketch Board

Use this for presentation of ideas for changes and/or new features. Currently this is dedicated to a multiple feature request for WikiFormsPlugin functionality (see #8715).

Feature comparison: TracFormsPlugin vs. WikiFormsPlugin

The following table shows which features are supported or which plugin is closer to your needs:

plugin markup WikiProcessors-like
embedded comments YES YES
per form variable preset YES
only in header section
everywhere throughout the markup
multiline operation definitions no YES
"complex" notation
plugin permissions YES
per parent resource permission check YES no
per form custom permissions no YES
ticket state-depended field lock/ticket permission
(request deduced as follow-up to #9640)
no YES
permissions based on ticket or milestone state
per field status1 tracking YES
optional, OFF by default
in-form field status1 display YES YES
field status audit YES
form view with property listing per field
commit history tracking YES
optional, OFF by default
form reset YES no
stepwise form change rollback YES
depending on recorded history
i18n support YES no

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