A command line shell interface to remote Trac instances


Using the XmlRpcPlugin, TracShell gives users a dynamic and scriptable command-line tool for working with remote Trac instances.

Key features:

  • YAML configuration files, configure multiple instances.
  • Command aliases for common workflows.
  • Dynamically created shell lists only the commands your account has access to.

A sample session would look as follows:

$ tracshell -h


$ tracshell
Welcome to TracShell!
Type `help` for a list of commands.
trac->> query owner=joe priority=critical
   34: [  open  ] the system is down
  233: [  new   ] aliens have begun the attack
trac->> view 233
Details for ticket: 233

      Summary: aliens have begun the attack
  Description: We just caught a UFO on live video television entering..
trac->> quit

Coming Soon:

  • Non-interactive mode for scripts / alternate front-ends.
  • Configurable output formatters (ANSI, csv, xml, json, etc).

Download and Source

More info and releases can be found at:


Author: j_king
Maintainer: J Kenneth King

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