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TMetric is a pure Time Tracker that easily integrates with Trac. TMetric is a work time tracking service that allows you to track tasks from multiple project management systems with one click. Categorize time, create reports, and monitor your team online. This Time Tracker has a clean interface and (minimum) only useful functionality that is needed for your work time tracking.

TMetric is a free plugin, cloud-based and proprietary licensed.

Bugs/Feature Requests

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Download Trac Time Tracker desktop client.


Let's set up TMetric so it can correctly capture your work time from Trac:

  1. Create TMetric account. It will take a few minutes.
  2. Install one of the following TMetric browser extensions depending on the browser you prefer:
  3. Optional: After registration, you can also install desktop app, so you can track your work activity in detail.

Now when you are all set, you can proceed to tracking work time in Trac.


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