Listing external links to a Trac ticket


This plugin tracks and lists URLs from external websites that link to each ticket. Using TrashTalk, developers can get a better sense of how their bugs affect the community by paying attention to "who's talking" about each ticket.

Note that this also allows better integration between two different Trac instances hosted on different servers.

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out TrashTalkPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page.

Recent Changes

3513 by tcoulter on 2008-04-14 06:28:38
First implementation finished! If there are incoming links for a ticket, they will be displayed in the "Incoming Links" section right after the ticket info.

Most of the changes made since the last commit were simply to get the data to display properly/nicely.

Because of the use of Transformer, this plugin requires Genshi trunk.

3512 by tcoulter on 2008-04-13 19:07:18
More comment changes.
3511 by tcoulter on 2008-04-13 19:01:48
Small comment change.


Author: tcoulter
Maintainer: Tim Coulter

For Tim (to be removed):

<coderanger> what are you _actually_ trying to do
<timathome> Create a plugin that looks at what sites are linking to tickets in an attempt to figure out "who's talking" about a specific ticket.
 That way, trac users can get a sense of how their bugs affect the community.
<coderanger> okay, so examine all incoming traffic, separate out anything internal, and build a list of the other links that is visible on the ticket form
 nifty, I like it :-)
<timathome> Yep. That's it. :)
<coderanger> hmm
<timathome> I've just started writing trac tickets. (I've edited one; this'll be my first).
 It's a lot easier than I expected.
<coderanger> plugins you mean
<timathome> Ah, ya. Sorry!
<coderanger> I would look at using urlparse (a standard module) to break down the referrer header and just compare the hostname to a list of "internal hostnames"
 probably keeping the whitelist in trac.ini
 (look at ListOption)
 unless you have "external" traffic thats just a different path on the same host
<timathome> Where would I find the ListOption class in the source? For some reason, I'm having trouble googling trac classes/interfaces.
--> hpnadig (n=hpnadig_@wikipedia/kn/HPNadig) has joined #trac
<coderanger> trac/
 it defines all the config descriptor classes
 our developer documentation is somewhat ... lacking
 in that I comprise most of it :P
<timathome> Nice. This'll work great.
<timathome_> What's a good plugin to look at that has a good example of using the database api/creating their own table and pulling data?
<dgynn> timathome_: tracpasteplugin is a pretty simple example
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