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True logout mechanism for Basic/Digest Authentication

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


This patch allows to logout from Basic/Digest Auth without closing the browser.

On one hand Apache claims that it is not possible.

On other hand, Nano Documet give a solution that works with most recent browsers.

This patch works for tracd standalone. There's no need of Apache or any other server.

I am lazy tonight, so i give you only the file changes.
This patch should work on all platform, although I've only tested version 0.9.6 on Windows XP. I have tested successfully Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6


  • file Share\trac\htdocs\js\trac.js, append at the end of file:
    function clearAuthenticationCache(page) {
      // Default to a non-existing page (give error 500).
      // An empty page is better, here.
      if (!page) page = '.force_logout';
        var agt=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
        if (agt.indexOf("msie") != -1) {
          // IE clear HTTP Authentication
        else {
          // Let's create an xmlhttp object
          var xmlhttp = createXMLObject();
          // Let's prepare invalid credentials
"GET", page, true, "logout", "logout");
          // Let's send the request to the server
          // Let's abort the request
      } catch(e) {
        // There was an error
    function createXMLObject() {
      try {
        if (window.XMLHttpRequest) {
          xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
        // code for IE
        else if (window.ActiveXObject) {
          xmlhttp=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
      } catch (e) {
      return xmlhttp;
  • file Lib\site-packages\trac\web\, locate method get_navigation_items, and change:
    yield ('metanav', 'logout',
           Markup('<a href="%s">Logout</a>' 
                  % escape(self.env.href.logout())))
    yield ('metanav', 'logout',
           Markup('<a href="%s" onclick="clearAuthenticationCache(\'%s\');">Logout</a>' 
                  % ((escape(self.env.href.logout()),) *2) ))
  • Now that's ok to start tracd and test logout feature.


Thanks a ton! this works like a charm.

Has this been filed as a ticket, so it can be possibly included in future releases? bill.mill@…

Ticket #3577 ask to include this in future releases.
-- Florent

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16483 by rjollos on 2017-04-10 23:21:44
Add version that works with tracd in Trac 1.2

Has been tested with Firefox 52 on OSX. It may work with
other browsers and configurations but has not been tested.

1138 by flox on 2006-08-17 20:34:59
New hack TrueHttpLogoutPatch, created by flox


Author: flox

Here is the patch for 0.10 - by sgorilla

             yield ('metanav', 'logout', 
                    html.A('Logout', href=req.href.logout(), 
                           onclick="clearAuthenticationCache(\'%s\')" % req.href.logout()))

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