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Virtual ticket permissions

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.

See also PrivateTicketsPlugin and SensitiveTicketsPlugin.

Warning: If the plugin is removed, disabled, or fails to load, Trac will display private tickets to anyone with TICKET_VIEW permission and the TICKET_VIEW* permission restrictions will not have any effect. See #5784 and t:#10285 for more information.


Creates a set of virtual permissions for tickets that the user is associated with.

There are three main permissions for this plugin: TICKET_IS_REPORTER, TICKET_IS_CC, and TICKET_IS_OWNER. TICKET_IS_SELF is an alias for all three of these.

With each permission, users will be granted the permissions where they are the person mentioned in the permission. So if a user has TICKET_IS_REPORTER, they can only get the permisson for ticket they reported. For TICKET_IS_CC, they just have to be included in the CC list.

There are also group-based permissions: TICKET_IS_REPORTER_GROUP, TICKET_IS_CC_GROUP, and TICKET_IS_OWNER_GROUP. These work in a similar way to their non-group counterparts, except that you are granted the permission if you share a group with the target user. For example, if ticket 1 was reported by Allan, and Allan and Bob are both in the group company_foo, and Bob has TICKET_IS_REPORTER_GROUP, then Bob will get the permission for ticket 1 since he shares a group with the reporter. Each group-based permission is also an alias for the normal one, so you do not have to grant both. TICKET_IS_GROUP is an alias for all the group-based permissions (and therefore all the normal ones as well).

Finally, users with TRAC_ADMIN will automatically get all these permissions. The meta-user "anonymous" also cannot be restricted by this plugin, as their identity isn't known to be checked.


All configuration options go in the [virtualticketpermissions] section.


Groups to ignore for the purposes of the *_GROUP permissions.

Defaults to "anonymous, authenticated"

You must also add VirtualTicketPermissionsPolicy to your permission_policies setting in trac.ini. See below for an example if you don't have any other policies.


An example configuration:

group_blacklist = anonymous, authenticated, labusers

virtualticketpermissions.* = enabled

permission_policies = DefaultPermissionPolicy, LegacyAttachmentPolicy, VirtualTicketPermissionsPolicy

accept = new,accepted -> accepted
accept.permissions = TICKET_IS_OWNER

See also: /bof/enhanceVirtualTicketPermissionsPlugin

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for VirtualTicketPermissionsPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download and Source

Download the [download:virtualticketpermissionsplugin zipped source], check out from using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.

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