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Trac Wiki Notification Plugin

Trac WikiNotification is a plugin that allows users (even anonymous, as long as email is set) to select the wiki pages that they wish to be notified(by email) when a change occurs on it. See also AnnouncerPlugin for another notification possibility, which is agnostic to what is being watched.

Note: The user updating the wiki page won't be notified about his own changes.

Enabling the Plugin

It's as simple as:

wikinotification.* = enabled

smtp_enabled has to be enabled in notification configuration section.

Available Configuration Options

These are the options available to include on your trac.ini under wiki-notification. You can configure them through the web admin interface, too.

Config Setting Default Value Explanation
redirect_time 5 (in seconds) The default seconds a redirect should take when watching/un-watching a wiki page. This value is also definable per user, ie, user is able to configure this, of course for himself.
smtp_always_bcc empty Comma separated list of email address(es) to always send notifications to, addresses do not appear publicly (Bcc:).
smtp_always_cc empty Comma separated list of email address(es) to always send notifications to, addresses can be seen by all recipients (Cc:).
from_email Sender address to use in notification emails.
from_name None Sender name to use in notification emails. Defaults to project name.
use_public_cc False Recipients can see email addresses of other CC'ed recipients. If this option is disabled(the default), recipients are put on BCC.
attach_diff False Send changes diff as an attachment instead of on the email text body.
subject_template $prefix $pagename $action A Genshi text template snippet used to get the notification subject.
banned_addresses empty Comma separated list of email addresses to never send notifications to.

If you want to override these settings then you can include it like the following example:

redirect_time = 5
smtp_always_bcc = someone@somedomain,
smtp_always_cc = someone.else@somedomain
from_email =
from_name = Custom Name
use_public_cc = false
attach_diff = true
subject_template = Foo $prefix $pagename $action
banned_addresses = banned.user1@somedomain, banned.user2@somedomain

Aditional Notes(from user input)

  • pip is run from the command line (on Linux) not from within Python.

  • After installing any plugin for Trac you'll need to restart Apache to see it (not all changes to trac.ini require a restart but adding a plugin does).

  • Make sure to add the new plugin to trac.ini

    wikinotification.* = enabled
  • Also should be noted that the trac.ini configuration for the wiki notification should look something like:

    smtp_always_cc = someone@somedomain
    from_email =
  • Another note: a user will never get a notice of his/her own wiki modification (which is a little tricky when testing the plugin :))

  • Please note that older versions of the plugin may set a subject_template config value, similar to subject_template = $prefix $ $action. This will result in 'UndefinedError: "page" not defined'. Use $pagename instead of $

Bugs/Feature Requests

Please use GitHub for any issues you have with TracWikiNotification.


Download the zipped source from GitHub.

There is also a version on PyPi.


You can clone TracWikiNotification from GitHub using git, or browse the source on GitHub.


Run the following to install this plugin:

pip install TracWikiNotification

For more information, please follow the Trac documentation on how to install plugins.


Author: s0undt3ch
Maintainer: mitar

Last modified 3 years ago Last modified on Apr 19, 2021, 6:23:26 AM