is multi-lingual

After installing Babel v0.9.6 and placing Trac 1.0.1 by its side now you'll notice a lot of localized content, according to your session preferences and browser language settings. And it is not only about messages, dates and time-stamps are localized as well.

Localized messages for Trac have been available even since version 0.12, but we know i18n/l10n-support for most plugins to have plenty of room for improvements, if available at all.

Make yourself familiar with the steps required to use Trac plugin i18n support in your plugin too, please. Users around the world will love you for taking care of seamless integration of you code into Trac core.

And consider joining the effort to present as many Trac plugin message catalogs as possible in a single place at Transifex for translators convenience. This way you'll get more translations done than by just letting catalogs sit and way in the repository alone.


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