Posts for the month of April 2006

Request-a-Hack poll is now automated

All Request-a-Hack tickets will automatically be added to the poll on the main page. This uses the PollMacro's query: feature.

Large improvement in repository search performance on TracHacks

I've upgraded TracHacks installed version of RepoSearchPlugin to latest trunk, which gives about a 60-70% performance improvement during indexing. The repository search is only available for registered users.

The idea of allowing searching of the TracHacks repository is that people can quickly find examples of how to use Trac's API. eg. searching for the ISearchSource interface.

TracBlogPlugin for news

I'm now using the TracBlogPlugin for posting news to the front page. Nice work pacopablo.

ZIP downloads in the source browser

I have once more updated to the latest Trac trunk. This version brings with it the ability to download branches of the source tree as ZIP files, from within the source browser! Consequently, I have removed the post-commit hook that was generating the download zips.