Change History for AccountManagerPlugin/Modules

Version Date Author Comment
* 10 months Ryan J Ollos Tags AccountManager added; SelfDeletePlugin removed
* 10 months laurenclement91@… Tags SelfDeletePlugin added; AccountManager removed
* 18 months Ryan J Ollos Tags AccountManager added
* 18 months anonymous Tags AccountManager removed
25 4 years Ryan J Ollos Fix component names. See SO:49120675.
24 6 years figaro Further cosmetic changes
* 6 years figaro Tags AccountManager added
23 6 years figaro Cosmetic changes
* 7 years anonymous Tags ini removed
22 10 years Steffen Hoffmann add more details about the new lost/new password procedure
21 10 years anonymous
20 10 years Steffen Hoffmann change component name according to name in next stable acct_mgr-0.4
19 10 years Steffen Hoffmann content moved to new dedicated wiki page …
18 11 years Dennis McRitchie <dmcr@…>
17 11 years Dennis McRitchie <dmcr@…>
16 11 years Steffen Hoffmann some editorial changes, especially pushing last edit towards …
15 11 years hans@… Added documentation for the account preferences tab
14 11 years Steffen Hoffmann some more words of explanation on account lock behavior
13 11 years Steffen Hoffmann add example screenshots with account guard in action
12 11 years Steffen Hoffmann about time to update the main "user" admin page view, painfully …
11 11 years Steffen Hoffmann add link to alternative login style preview
10 11 years Steffen Hoffmann note on module rename
9 11 years Steffen Hoffmann hint on existing example configuration for new AccountGuard feature
8 11 years Steffen Hoffmann add some more hints regarding initial configuration, refs #4755 and #5161
7 11 years anonymous Fixed incorrect formatting directive.
6 12 years Matthijs Kooijman Note that accountchangelistener is required for …
5 12 years Matthijs Kooijman Fix reset-password.png image (should point to parent page)
4 12 years Steffen Hoffmann add new section for account guard - just a stub
3 12 years Steffen Hoffmann moved more content from main page in here
2 12 years Steffen Hoffmann add hint on upcoming new login page design
1 12 years Steffen Hoffmann initial content, moved in from main page, trying to improve docu by …