Care to squeeze a bug?

Read on, if you do seek to help with maintenance of the AccountManagerPlugin, or you'd like to contribute needed enhancements then let's discuss right-away.

General note

I'm open to contributions. I'll try my best to apply reasonable improvements to the source in a timely manner, as my spare time permits. This is valid even if a ticket doesn't explicitly state «Patch welcome». I really don't mind opening a ticket even for very small changes, as it's much easier to track them this way.

If you decide to work on an issue, please drop me a note ASAP. This is just to ensure to minimize duplication of efforts. Sometimes preparation and testing of patches takes a long time, so you may not be aware of a pending change/solution from reading the ticket comments alone. Similar rule may apply to bug reports with patches, even if you feel your fix isn't already good enough for commit. Sharing it, may enable collaboration for a much quicker, better result.


I may feel, that there are not enough information to resolve some tickets.
I'm just asking for assistance in testing.
Or it's unclear, if the issue in question is still relevant at all.

Following tickets match this category needinfo:

No results

As there wasn't much support some time ago, I tend to leave these tickets open for a fair amount of time.
But I may still close them after 6 months or so, counting down from time of tagging for clearance, if there's no substantial response.

-- hasienda

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