Development concepts and ideas for AccountManagerPlugin


AccountManager users may like upstream development focusing on intuitive usage and further integration, to improve administration tasks.

UserManagerPlugin integration

This was always meant to be part of AccountManagerPlugin. But let's go beyond a simple merger and i.e.

  • create first real User class for Trac

More ideas

Some functionality, that might be interesting has been identified in:



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Make admin approval required for account registration
Extend AccountManager to allow non-password-based authentication methods
How about a list of currently online users?
[patch] Add a LdapAuthStore to AccountManagerPlugin
login via https, client certificate should anyway allow to set a password or create an account
[patch] Add captcha (ReCaptcha) support for new user registration
[patch] Add captcha (PyCAPTCHA) support for new user registration
HTTP Auth allows for groups, why not use them?
[patch] Add password policy
Enable use of multiple htpasswd files
[patch] Users redirected to login screen with no confirmation may fail to recognize that they are registered
[patch] Provide configurable crypt prefix
Review account Attributes should allow to select by "sid"
Integrate functionality of FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin
LDAP login status and impossible logout
Checkbox to force user to change their password on first login
Allow accounts to be created from the command line
Resurrect functional tests
Implement group toggling behavior for checkboxes on Account: Cleanup page
Lost password procedure should send username
Add a ConfigSection
Strip whitespace from macro arguments
New interface: user_email_verification_verified
Communicate to XMPP contacts in addition to Email contacts
Allow blacklisting usernames
Move user page filters to preferences

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