Add a list of referring pages to your page

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


This is a macro that can show you which wiki pages refer to the current page or to a page of your choice. See t:#611 and t:BackLinks.

The plugin contains the functionality of the deprecated BackLinksMenuMacro.

Show which wiki pages refer to the current page:


Show which wiki pages refer to page pagename:


See also: TracBacksPlugin, TracBackLinkPlugin

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for BackLinksMacro are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download the zipped source from here.

The macro is also available on PyPI.


You can check out BackLinksMacro from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page.

Recent Changes

17913 by rjollos on 2020-12-08 06:53:52
8.1: Fix local variable referenced before assignment
17901 by rjollos on 2020-12-04 00:19:15
8.0: Change name and release to PyPI


17900 by rjollos on 2020-12-04 00:17:12
8.0dev: Add list format ([[BackLinksList]])


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