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This plugin allows you to leave comments on top of files, changesets, and attachments. Once you've added all of your comments, you can send them to tickets. These include links to these comments and their description.

The problem that this plugin solves, is two-fold. When reviewing code, it's difficult to associate your comments with their appropriate context. Then, collecting all of these new issues into actionable tickets requires typically a lot of manual effort.

Key features:

  • Comments on files – you can comment on every file in the repository.
  • Inline comments on files – comment on a specific line. The comments appears in context, below the line in question.
  • Comments on changesets – useful when doing code reviews of incoming commits.
  • Inline comments on changesets - comment on a specific line of the changeset.
  • Comments on attachment pages – useful when reviewing patches.
  • Wiki Markup – you can use the standard Trac wiki markup inside your comments.
  • Instant preview – to make sure you get the formatting right.
  • Sending comments to tickets – you can select arbitrary number of comments and create a new ticket out of them. The text of the ticket defaults to links to the comments and their text, but you can edit these before saving the ticket.
  • Comments/ticket cross-reference – to remember which comments are already in tickets and which are not.
  • Notifications – if you have configured Trac to email ticket notifications then comment notifications will just work!
  • Subscriptions – Authors of changesets and attachments, and anyone who creates a comment are subscribed to notifications of comments; to have changeset authors automatically subscribed, your repositories must be configured for synchronisation with Trac.

Screenshot of comments added to a code artefact:

Screenshot code comments plugin

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Bugs/Feature Requests

If you found a bug, create a new issue on github.


Download the source from here.


You can check out CodeCommentsPlugin, from github.


More information on installation and configuration can be found in the README.

Please note that you need to apply a manual patch first if MySQL is used as database backend, or else critical Javascript errors may occur, as mentioned in

And here are the patches for support of git repositoy and multiple repositories, as mentioned in


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