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Foot-notes for Trac


The FootNoteMacro automatically collates1 and generates foot-notes.

To use it, simply call the FootNoteMacro with the foot-note content2 as the only argument to the macro:

[[FootNote(This is a foot-note)]]

Foot-notes are numbered by the order in which they appear.

To create a reference to an existing foot-note, pass the foot-note number as the only argument to the macro:


In addition, identical foot-notes are coalesced into one entry. The following will generate one footnote entry with two references:

Some text[[FootNote(A foot-note)]] and some more text [[FootNote(A foot-note)]].


And finally, to display a list of foot-notes call the macro with no arguments:


Once a set of foot-notes has been displayed, a complete new set of foot-notes can be created. This allows multiple sets of foot-notes per page.

  1. 1. Arranges in numerical order
  2. 2. Any WikiFormatting can be used as content

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for FootNoteMacro are here. 3

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


FootNoteMacro for 0.8. 1

  1. 3. Note that must be installed in the global wikimacros directory, for reasons which are not quite clear. This is discussed at length in #13.


You can check out the source for FootNoteMacro from Subversion at


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