Provides an overlay view to view attachments


This plugin provides an overlay view to view attachments from wiki, ticket, milestone and timeline page. It uses ColorBox, the jQuery lightbox plugin, which itself is MIT licensed.

Visit wiki or ticket page which has the attachment files in your Trac. Clicking the attachment link in the attachments area shows the contents in a lightbox.

Ticket page

Timeline page

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for OverlayViewPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out OverlayViewPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


  1. Install the plugin:
    $ pip install svn+
  2. Enable the plugin in your trac.ini file:
    tracoverlayview.* = enabled

Recent Changes

18551 by jun66j5 on 2023-09-30 00:02:31
OverlayViewPlugin: make compatible with Trac 1.6 and Python 3
18550 by jun66j5 on 2023-09-29 12:32:57
OverlayViewPlugin: make compatible with Trac 1.4
17395 by jun66j5 on 2019-06-27 16:48:45
OverlayViewPlugin: cache video elements


Author: jun66j5
Maintainer: Jun Omae
Contributors: OpenGroove,Inc. and tracpath

Last modified 4 years ago Last modified on Aug 1, 2020, 8:45:34 AM

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