Review of Changesets

The PeerReviewPlugin supports reviews of changesets. The user may create a review on the changeset page and all modified files are automatically gathered and attached to the new review.

The review may be done either on the changeset page or using the dedicated review pages provided by the plugin.

Creating the review

A new section is inserted into the changeset page when the current user has sufficient permissions to create a review.

After selecting users it is possible to create the new review.

Creating a new review

Screenshot of creating a review on the changeset page.

Review details

Details about the review are shown in the overview section of the changeset page. There is a direct link to open the review page.

Review information

Screenshot of code review info on changeset page.

The review page shows more information and allows to change the review status. In addition you may comment on files added with a changeset (see Notes).

Screenshot of review page for a changeset

Perform the Review

It's not necessary to leave the changeset page to perform a review. Every line number of the source file view is a link which opens a dialog to add a comment.

Commenting on a source line

Screenshot of comment dialog.

It is possible to reply to existing comments. The user may choose the presentation of the file view, either inline or side by side.

Comment tree in side by side view

Screenshot of comment tree in ''side by side'' view


  • Users can be added to a review individually, but user groups cannot. This means that granting code review permissions to for example anonymous is not supported. This is a known limitation (see also #12782).
  • To use more advanced features like review workflows you have to open the review page.
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