Review tickets

If the review status is in the list defined by the configuration setting show_ticket you may create a ticket prefilled with review details from within the review page. This can be used to inform team members about pending work or a succesful review.

Ticket creation from within the review page

Screenshot of ''Create ticket'' section

Ticket template

The ticket description is defined in the wiki page CodeReview/TicketTemplate. If this page doesn't exists a default description is used:

Review [review:${review_id} ${review_name}].
=== Review

||= Name =|| ${review_name} ||
||= ID =|| [review:${review_id}] ||

=== Review Notes


=== Files
||= File name =||= Comments =||

The following variables can be used in the ticket template:

${review_id} will be replaced with the review id
${review_name} name of the current review
${review_notes} notes of the current review
${review_files} a table with files belonging to the review

The inserted file table is a wiki table with two columns like this:

|| path/to/file || number of comments ||
|| ... || ... ||

You may use the following wiki formatting for a file table with custom headers:

||= File path =||= Comments =||
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