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Reporting subtickets for Trac

The plugin SubticketsPlugin contains stored functions that can aid in the reporting of subticket hierarchies in Trac. Using such functions is necessary due to TracReports rewriting of SQL queries.

The functions are found in the reporting subdirectory of the plugin code and will have to be installed by hand.

Currently. only PostgreSQL is supported. The query technique used is supported by at least MySql and SQLServer, but their DDLs differ slightly. Patches are welcome.

Simple Example

The tracsubticket_tree() stored function returns a depth-first search of all tickets and subtickets. A simple report using that function is:

SELECT, path, parent, summary, component,
    CASE WHEN parent IS NULL 
         THEN 'border-bottom:solid 3px #DDD;border-top: solid 3px #DDD;background-color:#DDD'    
         ELSE 'text-indent: ' ||10*level||'px' 
         END AS __style__
    tracsubticket_tree() r 
    ticket t on 

The result of this report query looks as follows:

Screenshot of an extremely simpel subtickets report

Thanks to schneimi for the idea.

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