Site Maintenance Procedure

This page documents site maintenance procedures. It is a work in progress.

See also: BugReporting

Plugin pages

  • Plugins hosted outside of should have the external tag.
  • Many externally hosted plugins have a Recent Changes section that can be removed from the page.
  • Pages for externally hosted plugin that are no longer reachable should be removed after attempting to contact the author and waiting for 30 days.
  • Authors of plugins hosted on GitHub should be invited to join the trac-hacks organization. The wiki page should be tagged with github-hosted.
  • A stub page should be created for a plugin hosted on GitHub, if the stub page doesn't already exist.
  • Plugins that are not only hosted on trac-hacks, but also PyPi, should be tagged with pypi.
  • The [[Maintainer]] macro can be used on project wiki pages, for example TagsPlugin@78.
  • It isn't necessary to specify the owner in the new ticket query string. It makes maintenance easier if the owner is removed, for example TagsPlugin@79).
  • Deprecated plugins should have a notice at the top of the page using the box WikiProcessor, for example TracTagsXmlrpcPlugin@6. The deprecated tag should be added to the page.
  • Plugins without a license should be tagged with nolicense. A ticket should be created to request that the author adds a license. The ticket should refer to DevGuide#Licensing for best practices of adding a license.
  • Plugins should be tagged with one of the licenses listed on the license page. New licenses can be added to the list by creating a page and tagging it with license.
  • Each license page should contain a link to the license text on the corresponding OSI page.
  • Sporadically a page has a license notice and can in applicable cases be found at the bottom. This needs to be removed and the license should be added as a tag (if not already).
  • Source code attached to unmaintained plugins would preferably be checked into the repository.
  • Plugins without source code should be tagged with nosource. A ticket should be created to request that the author adds the source code.
  • TODO Determine process for removing deprecated and unmaintained plugins and their associated tickets.
  • TODO Should plugins be tagged with 'plugin' to distinguish them from users? Should macros similarly be tagged as 'macro' or 'plugin' or both? Same for themes?
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