Trac plugins on TracHacks

Main contributors

This site is maintained by jun66j5 and rjollos.

Previous maintainers are coderanger, hasienda, osimons, otaku42 and athomas.

SVN Access

If you want to allow others to write to your repository, please open a ticket.

Issues or questions on this site?

If you have any issues with TracHacks, check the existing tickets to see if the issue already has been reported, otherwise create a ticket. Questions on this site can be reported in the same way.

Lifecycle of plugins

Plugins can be created, adopted, and may eventually be deprecated. The aim of this site is to create an ecosystem in which plugins can live long past the participation of the original author. This is a community site which welcomes everyone to participate in building, maintaining and providing support for plugins. See HowYouCanHelp for more info.

Development guidelines

The page DevGuide contains development guidelines and best practices for plugin development.


Thanks to Edgewall Software for creating Trac, the whole Trac team for continuing the development and particularly Christopher Lenz and Rede for helping with the design, layout and testing of this site and repository.

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