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This plugin allows the Trac administrator to edit the trac.ini file using Trac's admin interface. Its goal is to provide the user with a complete and user-friendly interface.

Key features:

  • Edit and/or view one section at a time or all sections together.
  • Each option comes with a lot of information, such as description, option type, stored value, default value.
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript support, so that the editor works without JavaScript, but the user experience is better with JavaScript enabled in the browser.
  • Adding new sections and options (section entries)
  • Support for a security manager. This manager controls which options can be modified by the user and can also reject certain values for certain options. This plugin comes with an (optional) basic security manager, see below.
  • Support for marking options as "password", eg for [notification]:smtp_password, for enhanced security. Some options are already marked as "password" by default.

The ini editor provides support for a pluggable security manager. A security manager has the following functions:

  • decide for each option whether the user can modify it, or whether it's read-only or ever hidden from the user.
  • check each value that is to be saved and reject it if necessary.

This plugin comes with two predefined security managers:

  • An "empty" security manager that doesn't impose any restrictions at all, ie it works as if no security manager was specified.
  • A basic security manager that lets you define restrictions via trac.ini, see configuration below.

Screenshot (1) of TracIniAdminPanel

Screenshot (2) of TracIniAdminPanel

Difference to IniAdminPlugin

There is a similar plugin, the IniAdminPlugin. There are some features that this plugin provides and that don't exist in the IniAdminPlugin:

  • Creating new sections and (more important) new options. This allows you to even edit the sections [ticket-custom] or [ticket-workflow] which can't be done with IniAdminPlugin.
  • Allows you to edit all sections at once.
  • Only needs one entry in the admin menu. TracIniEditor creates one entry per section, ie the more plugins you've installed the more entries you'll get.
  • Information about an option: the option type (list, extension list, bool), the currently stored value, the default value.
  • Let's you easily revert an option to its default value using a checkbox.
  • IniAdminOnly allows you to hide certain options. This plugin allows you to mark options as "read-only" thereby allowing the user to see its value but don't allowing him/her to change it.

One last difference is the way each plugin displays the options of a section: while IniAdminPlugin uses a groupbox per option, this plugin uses as list/table to display them. You can compare these two options here from screenshots: IniAdminPlugin vs. TracIniAdminPanel

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TracIniAdminPanelPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download the zipped source from here.


Check out TracIniAdminPanelPlugin from here using Subversion or browse the source with Trac.


This plugin requires Trac 1.0. An older branch is available for Trac 0.12.x also. This plugin has no dependencies.

See TracPlugins for instructions on building and installing plugins.

See the Trac plugin requirements for instructions on installing setuptools. Setuptools includes the easy_install application which you can use to install the TracIniAdminPanelPlugin:

$ pip install svn+

Or the older version for 0.12:

$ pip install svn+

You can also obtain the code from the Trac Subversion repository:

$ svn co


Configuration is done via trac.ini in the section [ini-editor]. The following example lists the most important ones:

; Defines the security manager to use. Each security manager is a
; component on its own and must be enabled using the plugin admin
; panel or trac.ini.
security-manager = IniEditorBasicSecurityManager

; Comma-separated list of options that are to be considered "password fields".
; All of Trac's password options are already predefined by default and don't 
; need to be listed here.
;password-options = section|option

If you want to use the IniEditorBasicSecurityManager, you need to configure it via trac.ini too. The permissions are configured in the section [ini-editor-restrictions]. The following "option kinds" are available here, where "access level" is one of modifiable, readonly, or hidden:

  • default-access: Defines the access level for options that don't get a specific access level assigned to
  • section|option: Defines the access level for a specific option in a specific section (e.g. trac|mainnav).
  • section|*: Defines the default access level for all options in the specified section (e.g. trac|*). This can be overwritten with the previous "option kind".

There is an example configuration provided by this plugin which resembles a white-list of "secure" options. You can find it here.


Contributing your translation is highly appreciated. You could send it to the plugin's maintainer or contribute to Trac plugin l10n project via Transifex:

Top translations: Trac_Plugin-L10N » iniadminpanel

Known Issues

If you get a message like KeyError: 'inieditorpanel\\locale', the likely cause is that Babel was not installed before Trac, so there's no multi-lingual support. Either reinstall the installation (Babel first) or try the version of this plug-in tagged as '0.12' which is a beta release but doesn't require a locale.

Recent Changes

18587 by stoecker on 2023-11-06 16:34:13
fix default handling
18567 by stoecker on 2023-10-25 07:06:59
require Trac 1.5 at least
18566 by stoecker on 2023-10-25 07:03:12
require Trac 1.5 at least


Author: Sebastian Krysmanski
Maintainer: Dirk Stöcker

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