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    33= trac.ini Editor Panel =
    5 '''This is an external plugin. Please don't report any tickets here.''' See below for more information.
    75== Description ==
    1513 * Support for marking options as "password" (e.g. for `[notification]:smtp_password`) for enhanced security. Some options are already marked as "password" by default.
    17 '''Note:''' A comparison to the IniAdminPlugin can be found [ here]
     15The ini editor provides support for a pluggable security manager. A security manager has the following functions:
     17 * it can decide for each option whether the user can modify it, or whether it's read-only or ever hidden from the user.
     18 * it can check each value that is to be saved and reject it if necessary
     20This plugin comes with two predefined security managers:
     22 * An "empty" security manager that doesn't impose any restrictions at all (i.e. it works as if no security manager was specified).
     23 * A basic security manager that lets you define restrictions via `trac.ini` (see configuration below).
    1925[[Image(screenshot-inieditor1.png, border=3)]]
    2027[[Image(screenshot-inieditor2.png, border=3)]]
    22 == Source and Tickets ==
    23 You'll find all information about this plug-in [ here]. Please file tickets only there.
     29=== Difference to IniAdminPlugin === #IniAdminPlugin
     31There is a similar plugin, the IniAdminPlugin. There are some features that this plugin provides and that don't exist in the !IniAdminPlugin:
     33 * Creating new sections and (more important) new options. This allows you to even edit the sections `[ticket-custom]` or `[ticket-workflow]` which can't be done with !IniAdminPlugin.
     34 * Allows you to edit all sections at once.
     35 * Only needs one entry in the admin menu. !TracIniEditor creates one entry per section (i.e. the more plugins you've installed the more entries you'll get).
     36 * Information about an option: the option type (list, extension list, bool), the currently stored value, the default value
     37 * Let's you easily revert an option to its default value (using a checkbox)
     38 * !IniAdminOnly allows you to hide certain options. This plugin allows you to mark options as "read-only" thereby allowing the user to see its value but don't allowing him/her to change it.
     40One last difference is the way each plugin displays the options of a section: while !IniAdminPlugin uses a groupbox per option, my plugin uses as list/table to display them. I find the latter option better but I guess this is a matter of taste. You can compare these two options here from screenshots I've made: [attachment:compare-tracsection-iniadminplugin.png IniAdminPlugin] vs. [attachment:compare-tracsection-traciniadminpanel.png TracIniAdminPanel]
     42== Configuration ==
     43Configuration is done via `trac.ini` in the section `[ini-editor]. The following example lists the most important ones:
     48; Defines the security manager to use. Each security manager is a
     49; component on its own and must be enabled using the plugin admin
     50; panel or trac.ini.
     51security-manager = IniEditorBasicSecurityManager
     53; Comma-separated list of options that are to be considered "password fields".
     54; All of Trac's password options are already predefined by default and don't
     55; need to be listed here.
     56;password-options = section|option
     59If you want to use the `IniEditorBasicSecurityManager` you need to configure it via `trac.ini`, too. The permissions are configured in the section `[ini-editor-restrictions]`. The following "options kinds" are available here (where "access level" is one of `modifiable`, `readonly`, or `hidden`):
     61 * `default-access`: Defines the access level for options that don't get a specific access level assigned to
     62 * `section|option`: Defines the access level for a specific option in a specific section (e.g. `trac|mainnav`).
     63 * `section|*`: Defines the default access level for all options in the specified section (e.g. `trac|*`). This can be overwritten with the previous "option kind".
     65There is an example configuration provided by this plugin which resembles a white-list of "secure" options. You can find it [source:traciniadminpanelplugin/0.12/safe-restrictions.ini here].
     67== Requirements ==
     69No dependencies.
     71Requires Trac 0.12.x.
     73== Bugs/Feature Requests ==
     75Existing bugs and feature requests for !TracIniAdminPanelPlugin are [report:9?COMPONENT=TracIniAdminPanelPlugin here].
     77If you have any issues, create a
     78[ new ticket].
     80== Get the Plugin ==
     82See the [wiki:TracPlugins#Requirements Trac plugin requirements] for instructions on installing `setuptools`.  `Setuptools` includes the `easy_install` application which you can use to install the TracIniAdminPanelPlugin:
     84easy_install TracIniAdminPanelPlugin
     87You can also obtain the code from the Trac Subversion repository:
     89svn co
     92or download [download:traciniadminpanelplugin zipped source].
     94See TracPlugins for instructions on building and installing plugins.
     96You can [source:traciniadminpanelplugin browse the source in Trac].
     98''[ This is a link for setuptools to find the SVN download]''
     100== Known Issues ==
     104== Recent Changes ==
     106[[ChangeLog(traciniadminpanelplugin, 3)]]
    25108== Author/Contributors ==
    26 '''Maintainer:''' [wiki:manski Sebastian Krysmanski]
     110'''Author:''' [wiki:manski Sebastian Krysmanski] [[BR]]
     111'''Maintainer:''' [wiki:stoecker Dirk Stöcker]