TracPeek Windows Desktop Tool


TracPeek is a freeware Windows desktop software to keep track of tickets currently assigned to you.

Key features:

  • Get a quick overview of the tickets which are currently assigned to you.
  • Clearly arranged ticket lists display the most important details to give you an overview of the current status.
  • Use a double click to open a ticket in your default browser.
  • The TracPeek window will start flashing if a modification is made to any of your tickets.
  • Monitor multiple trac system with a single TracPeek instance.
  • Don't waste space on your desktop. TracPeek has a collapsed view if you don't need it.

The editing of tickets is not supported.

The use of TracPeek is free of any charge.

To use TracPeek you need a working installation of Trac version 0.11 or higher with the XML-RPC plugin installed and set up. If you configure TracPeek please make sure that the URL points to the XML-RPC path of the Trac installation. This usually is http://host/pathToTrac/login/xmlrpc. Double click the text "XmlRpc" to use the default value. Leave the fields "User" and "Passwd" empty if you are using integrated Windows authentication. Optionally you may modify the "Query" setting but this is not required.

For more information about the XML-RPC plugin and authentication troubleshooting hints, please visit XmlRpcPlugin. TracPeek does not contain Trac and/or the XML-RPC plugin and Onwerk is not involved in the development of those products.

More information on TracPeek here. (German only)




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