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Yet another user manager plugin that has the following features:

  • helps managing users (profiles, permissions, authentication (based on AccountManagerPlugin), and any other things based on this plugin's extension points)
  • provides filterable team rosters based on user profiles (+ custom fields)

The main goal of this plugin is to to have a simple, standard way for teams to manage who is on the team. Since trac.admin provides to many places to setup one user, this plugin tries to provide one single page where a project admin can setup all things related to one user.

Note: This plugin is the next step of TeamRosterPlugin. So, in order to use UserManagerPlugin, please disable TeamRosterPlugin, in case you have it enabled. UserManagerPlugin is compatible ~90% with data managed by TeamRosterPlugin, so switching from TeamRosterPlugin to UserManagerPlugin it's safe (no data loss).

Bugs/Feature Requests

Check existing bugs and feature requests, but feel also free to create a new ticket.

Download and Source

Download the [download:usermanagerplugin zipped source], check out from the subversion repository, or browse the source with Trac.


Install the plugin:

For Trac 0.11


tracusermanager.* = enabled

office = select
office.cols = 20
office.label = Office
office.options = |Bucharest|Boston|San Francisco|New York
office.order = 1

bio = wikitext
bio.cols = 70
bio.rows = 10
bio.label = Bio
bio.order = 2

gim = text
gim.cols = 20
gim.label = Gmail
gim.order = 3

yim = text
yim.cols = 20
yim.label = Yahoo
yim.order = 4

tags = multichecks
tags.label = Tags
tags.options = developer|qa|pm|ux
tags.order = 5


from tracusermanager.api import UserManager, User

# Get user by id(username)
user = UserManager(env).get_user( "cbalan" )

# Get active users
team = UserManager(env).get_active_users()
for user in team:
    print user.username
    print user['email']
    print user['bio']

# Search users ( Dummy example: All active developers that have an gmail account )
search_result_list = UserManager(env).search_users(User( role="developer", email=""))
for user in search_result_list:
    print user.username
    print user['role']

# Create new user
UserManager(self.env).create_user(User(username="cbalan", name="Catalin Balan", email=""))

# Update
user = UserManager(self.env).get_user('cbalan')
user['bio']="""Maecenas ut mauris. Morbi congue nunc ut tortor. Pellentesque molestie cursus enim. 
Praesent gravida consequat mauris. Nulla cursus cursus magna. 
Sed libero. Integer dapibus urna in mauris. 

Fusce fringilla: 
 - Mauris ipsum mauris, semper at, lacinia ultrices, pellentesque eget, arcu. 
 - Etiam vel enim et nunc luctus gravida. Morbi suscipit scelerisque odio. 
 - Mauris porta. 

Nullam dui. Nullam egestas, massa eu condimentum mattis, enim ipsum tincidunt purus, 
vitae vestibulum sapien eros vitae libero.

# Remove


[[UserProfilesList]]                                  # Without arguments returns current active user profiles
[[UserProfilesList(role=developer)]]                  # Returns all userProfiles with role='developer' 
[[UserProfilesList(NOT_role=developer)]]              # Returns all userProfiles with NOT role=developer
[[UserProfilesList(name=%someName%)]]                 # Returns all userProfiles with name like 'someName' 
[[UserProfilesList({id=cbalan},{role=%arh%})]]        # Returns cbalan's profile and user profiles with role='%arh%' 
[[UserProfilesList(|class=someCSS_Class, style=border:1px solid green;padding:12px)]] # Adds style and class attributes to box layout     


userprofileslist macroadmin

Recent Changes

17212 by rjollos on 2018-06-17 06:29:58
TracUserManagerPlugin 1.2.0dev: Fix incorrectly bound method

Refs #13442.

17211 by rjollos on 2018-06-15 18:16:25
TracUserManagerPlugin 1.2.0dev: Conform to PEP8
16852 by rjollos on 2017-10-06 00:50:50
TracUserManagerPlugin 1.2.0dev: Refactor template


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