Small calendar with days linking to wiki pages

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


This plugin inserts a small calendar where each day links to a wiki page whose name matches the wiki-page-format argument. The current day is highlighted, and days with Milestones are marked in bold. It can be used for maintaining a calendar of meeting minutes or any situation where the wiki page name is based on the date. It is designed to work well with the Blog macro, so if a previous month is selected from the Blog, the calendar will display the selected month.

Non-existent pages link directly to the edit form for the requested page to make it easy to add new meeting minutes pages. It uses the time format syntax from the Python time module's strftime method. Resolution of relative wiki paths is available.

A heavily modified version is used here as event calendar, source unknown.


Enter [[WikiTicketCalendar(*,*,true,Wochenberatung/%Y-%m-%d,true,Beratung)]] in your wiki page to achieve the following:

Screenshot of version 5

The calendar can be invoked in the following two basic ways:




  • equivalent keyword-argument available for all but first two arguments
  • mixed use of keyword-arguments with simple arguments permitted, but strict order of simple arguments (see above) still applies while keyword-arguments in-between do not count for that positional mapping,
  • query evaluates a valid TracQuery expression based on any ticket field including multiple expressions grouped by 'and' and 'or'


year specifies the year to be shown, '*' current year * year=2011
month specifies the month to be shown, '*' current month * month=12
nav (1) show previous/next navigation or (0) not 1 nav=1
wiki strftime format for wiki pages to display as link (if exist, otherwise links to a create page) '*' for default. Supports any expression that strftime can handle "%Y-%m-%d" wiki="%Y-%m-%d"
cdate (1) show ticket created / open dates [1,0] 1 cdate=1
base wiki template tried to create new page "" base=""
query evaluates a valid TracQuery expression based on any ticket field including multiple expressions grouped by 'and' and 'or' query="id!=0"
short total ticket count per day, that'll have ticket list display condensed to just ticket no., 0 = never condense list. This feature looks like this [0,1,...] 0 short=0
width set calendar table 'min-width', and optionally 'width' for surrounding div triggered by prepending '+' to value 100% width=100%


   equivalent to [[WikiTicketCalendar(*,*,true,Talk-%Y-%m-%d,true,Talk)]]


  1. All maintained versions of this macro support keyword arguments and mixed use of both - simple and keyword arguments - as well. This could make macro invocations more readable and maybe even shorter than before, as long as you largely stick to the defaults and just want to change one or two values. So i.e. the 3rd example from above could be rewritten now as:
  2. The query keyword supports any expression supported by TracQuery. This is the single new ticket selection logic that can use custom field values as well for expressions chained by AND (OR since 0.12 only). An always-true expression was chosen on purpose to select and show all tickets by default. Use your own query expression to create per-developer or per-component ticket calendars,

or you could choose to display tickets only with high/highest priority, tickets with some special content in a custom field, etc.


[[WikiCalendar([year, [month, [show-buttons, [wiki-page-format]]]])]]


  1. year (4-digit year) - defaults to * (current year)
  2. month (2-digit month) - defaults to * (current month)
  3. show-buttons (boolean) - defaults to true
  4. wiki-page-format (string) - defaults to %Y-%m-%d

Relative wiki paths are supported as well, which is especially relevant if you later change position of the wiki page containing the WikiCalendarMacro relative to the stack of related wiki pages:


The calendar will be displayed as follows (border added for visibility):

WikiCalendarMacro v2.1 with week numbers for different preferred locales: English (default), French, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Russian, Hebrew and Japanese

Screenshots using [[WikiCalendar(w)]] (for week numbers) with different browser locale settings.

New: Since wikicalendar-2.1 both macros are able to display week numbers. Just add a 'w' to your macro arguments (argument position doesn't matter). With Babel installed you even get Sunday as first day of the week and week numbers localized according to your browser settings.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for WikiCalendarMacro are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out the source for WikiCalendarMacro from Subversion here or browse the source with Trac.


Requires Trac >= 0.11.3. After [11741] you should be able to use the plugin even with Trac 0.11.

If you experience strange results (see #8818 for an example), you may want to force CSS definitions into the HTML page with the following option:

internal_css = True
ticket.due_field = due_close
ticket.due_field.format = %y-%m-%d

Available since [11746], WikiTicketCalendarMacro options supported since [11749].

To upgrade this plugin, rename your old [wikiticketcalendar] section, and the required option name change --> will be done automatically for you.

About i18n/l10n support

These macros are prepared for localization (tooltip customization in calendar navigation and localized macro description).

But English message texts are still the (POSIX) default. If this isn't your preferred language, you can

  1. check if it's already available from the Trac plugin l10n project at Transifex or
  2. do it yourself, see the l10n cookbook page for Trac plugins for more details.

Contributing your translation is highly appreciated.
You could send it to the plugin's maintainer or contribute to Trac plugin l10n project via Transifex:

Top translations: Trac_Plugin-L10N » wikicalendar

Preparing the plugin from source requires no additional steps for compiling message catalog files. Only to include translations marked as # fuzzy by the translator, you'll want to do a manual message catalog compilation with the extra -f argument before packaging:

cd wikicalendarmacro/
python ./ compile_catalog -f
python ./ bdist_egg

Complaints about missing locale directory are often a side-effect of failure to compile any message catalog for inclusion into Python egg, hence the whole path is missing. Due to a known Trac issue, Babel has to be installed prior to Trac, to get it all working as expected.

Again, for more details see the l10n cookbook page for Trac plugins.

Recent Changes

17886 by rjollos on 2020-12-02 22:28:02
2.2.0dev: Make compatible with Trac 1.0 and 1.0.1
17857 by rjollos on 2020-08-25 20:15:06
2.2.0dev: Remove print statement from r17850

Refs #13847.

17851 by rjollos on 2020-08-20 18:12:13
2.2.0dev: Change plugin name

This prepares for publishing on PyPI.

Refs #13847.



Author: mgood
Maintainer: none (needsadoption)
Contributors: JoshuaH, Alexander Klimetschek, YouLi, fjruiz, jun66j5, rjollos

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