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Welcome to Trac Hacks

The purpose of TracHacks is to provide a Subversion repository for all of the community created hacks for the Trac source code project management system.

TracHacks uses the excellent tags hack, which adds basic categorisation to Trac. All hacks are tagged with one or more of the available tags?.

How to Contribute

I've tried to make this as simple as possible:

  1. Register a user name then login (requires cookies).
  2. Fill out the NewHack form.
  3. Verify all the details for your new page are correct.
  4. Commit your code to the provided Subversion URL.

Refer to the TracHacks page for more information, contact details, bug reports, enhancements, suggestions, etc.



Macros are simple enhancements to Trac's Wiki engine. Examples include SubWiki, TOC, FootNote, etc.



Modifications to the Trac source in the form of patches. This can include simple changes to Clear Silver templates, patches to the Python code,etc.



Scripts that enhance the functionality of Trac. This could include things like wrappers around creation of Subversion and Trac projects, post-commit hooks, etc.



As part of the move to a component architecture, Trac trunk is now extensible via plugins. Plugins can be used to add functionality to Trac that some users can't do without, like extended milestone facilities, multi-project functionality, integration of automated build systems, etc.



Can't find what you want here or in the MacroBazaar? Request-a-hack and somebody might help you out.

Bored? Got too much time on your hands? Take a look at the outstanding request-a-hacks and see if anything takes your fancy.


Registered users of TracHacks.

Hacks for Trac stable? and trunk?.