Edit the workflow of tickets

Notice: This plugin is unmaintained and available for adoption.


This plugin provides a simple web interface to edit the ticket workflow in Trac.

Tabular version:

Ini-admin version:

See also: TracWorkflowAdminPlugin

Bugs/Feature Requests

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out WorkflowEditorPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page.

Enable the plugin in your trac.ini file as follows:

workfloweditor.* = enabled

Recent Changes

13032 by rjollos on 2013-05-03 19:25:06
Fixes #5269: (WorkflowEditorPlugin) 1.2.0dev Allow users with TICKET_ADMIN to edit the workflow.
12220 by rjollos on 2012-10-19 19:45:19
Fixes #10498: Added 3-Clause BSD license to source code. Bumped revision to 1.1.6.
12217 by rjollos on 2012-10-19 05:23:39

Fixes #10143:

  • Replaced access of the private field _sections in the Configuration object with proper access to the keyed item. The issue described in #10143 has not been reproduced, but this change should avoid a traceback if there is a case in which the ticket-workflow section is missing from trac.ini, because an empty Section object is constructed in the Configuration class under this scenario.
  • Applied formatting changes to


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