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  • name: Steffen Hoffmann
  • location: Saxony, Germany

I'm an engineer with strong ambitions in the field of Open Source Software especially running Debian GNU/Linux, which I apply for private as well as business use. Trac was a promising platform to provide end user support as well as to assist in making better technical documentation involving similar-minded coworkers.

My work on plugins for Trac is all dedicated to make trac-0.12dev work smoothly and look nicely (with focus on German localization). I started with fixing one bug or another just to please current and potential users of Trac environments I've setup in commercial environment. I've never coded in python before, but enjoy to simply make things happen.

I like many of these great projects here on and I'm eager to learn more from all the clever people and their contributions. Besides I'm contributing to and - well I've got to take care for my real life with a family too.