I'm a hardcore trac user with some interest in hacking plugins, especially LDAP related ones. Not being much of a python coder, I mostly just fix trivial bugs and report nontrivial ones. :)

Contact info

  • Name: András Korn
  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Email: (replace first dot with @)


  • Tickets I filed
    [Patch] req.remote_user is not always set
    Please remove hardcoded objectClasses
    Please support nested groups
    [Patch] make sure scope is passed as an int
    Please support specifying full DN of group whose membership is required to log in
    Doesn't support any DB backend other than SQLite
    [Patch] please support GroupTicketFieldsPlugin
    Please add ability to set date fields to relative dates, e.g. "now + 2 weeks"
    TypeError: Can't instantiate abstract class Changeset with abstract methods get_changes
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