Markus Pelkonen

account: mape

email: thtv08 _at_

My Hacks

Some History

2007 End: many new versions made from the TimeVisualizerPlugin. Much more attention paid to open source development in general... Few very usefull patches made to certain plugins & trac 0.10.X... Now I can say that Trac rocks, still lot more to achieve... Trac 0.11 in my eyes and coming under consideration...

2007 Aug: Scrum burndown plugin was not easy to deploy or use (due to many reasons). The graph itself was not very pleasant... That's why I motivated to implement my own approach: TimeVisualizerPlugin to render graph from existing history data and in SVG format.

2007 Spring: Agile (scrum= practices were coming more and more important, I tried to utilize Trac to get more effort & ease communication. Studied ScrumBurndownPlugin and alternatives.

2006: I used plain Trac 0.9.6 development environment at my work

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