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This plugin provides a downloads section which may contain releases or other files. It is administrated via the Web admin interface and there is an interface to the trac-admin tool that may help during automatic server maintenance. The Downloads section of Trac displays a table with information about the uploaded files such as description, component, version, size, architecture, type and optionally assigned tags which the download is related to. It also collects information about the number of downloads which can be displayed on a wiki page together with direct links to the specified download.

See also: TracDownloaderPlugin

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Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out DownloadsPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page.


After installing the plugin you can set up configuration variables in trac.ini. Their default values are:

additional_tags = author,component,version,architecture,platform,\
                  type # If TagsPlugin is installed
architecture_sort = name
architecture_sort_direction = asc
consoleadmin_user = anonymous
download_sort = time
download_sort_direction = desc
ext = zip,gz,bz2,rar
max_size = 268697600
path = ../downloads
platform_sort = name
platform_sort_direction = asc
type_sort = name
type_sort_direction = asc
unique_filename = False
visible_fields = id,file,description,size,time,count,author,tags,\

Option values:

  • The path is the location where the uploaded downloads are stored. It has to be accessible for writing to web server.
  • Setting ext variable restricts allowed extensions of uploaded files.
  • If unique_filename is enabled, then the plugin checks if the file name of the download file is not already occupied by any other download file.
  • visible_fields variable controls appearance of downloads table columns in Downloads section.
  • consoleadmin_user option serves for permission checks when listing, adding or removing downloads using trac-admin.
  • additional_tags configures from which fields the download tags should be also generated.

Enable the plugin using the following in trac.ini:

tracdownloads.* = enabled

In 0.12 branch, the DownloadsCore component was split into the DownloadsDownloads component, which handles Downloads section of Trac, and the DownloadsCore component that serves file download requests and other core features. This means that you can disable the DownloadsDownloads component to hide Downloads section from users. admin module was renamed to consoleadmin.

The next step is to upgrade your Trac environment:

trac-admin <path_to_environment> upgrade

Note: Some environments might not handle download of large files gracefully. Notably the fcgi wrapper may timeout. A possible work around, that also adds HTTP "Range:" header support, is telling Trac to use "X-Sendfile". This may require configuration of your HTTP server as well:

use_xsendfile = True


This plugin defines the following permissions:

  1. DOWNLOADS_VIEW for normal users.
  2. DOWNLOADS_ADD and DOWNLOADS_ADMIN for people who upload and administer downloads.
  3. DOWNLOADS_ADD permission allows a user to upload downloads without access to the WebAdmin interface.

You can grant these permissions using these commands:

trac-admin <path_to_environment> permission add <user> DOWNLOADS_VIEW
trac-admin <path_to_environment> permission add <user> DOWNLOADS_ADD # Branch 0.12 only.
trac-admin <path_to_environment> permission add <user> DOWNLOADS_ADMIN


There are a few wiki macros available:

[download:<download_id> <text>] or
[download:<download_filename> <text>]

Displays link to download identified by ID <download_id> or filename <download_filename> with text <text>.

[[DownloadsCount(1, 2, 3)]]
[[DownloadsCount(1,, bar.rar, 3)]]

Displays sum of number of downloads for downloads identified by comma separated list of IDs or filenames. If there is an empty list or any zero (such as in the last two examples), then the sum of all number of downloads is returned. Non-existing downloads silently count as zero. Works with branch 0.12 only.


Displays same table that is displayed in Downloads section of the Trac on a wiki page. Works with branch 0.12 only.

Interface to trac-admin

There is the ability to list, insert or delete downloads from server's console/script with following commands:

trac-admin <path_to_environment> download list
trac-admin <path_to_environment> download add <path_to_file> description=<description> \
    author=<author> tags="<tag1> <tag2> ..." component=<component> version=<version> \
    architecture=<architecture> platform=<platform> type=<type>
trac-admin <path_to_environment> download remove <download_filename>
trac-admin <path_to_environment> download remove <download_id>

All download attributes of download add command are optional, only the file must be specified. console_admin trac.ini option must be set to any user who has permission to perform the appropriate action.

Recent Changes

18443 by ttressieres on 2021-08-21 15:10:17

update DownloadsPlugin to support Trac 1.4.x (see #14044)

  • switch to jinja2 templates
  • support Trac 1.4 API
16023 by rjollos on 2016-11-28 10:19:46
1.0.0dev: Conform to PEP8 and fix minor defects
16022 by rjollos on 2016-11-28 08:28:22
1.0.0dev: Remove duplicate path option

Refs #7031, #9609.



Author: Blackhex
Maintainer: ttressieres

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