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This plugin alters Trac's behavior so that the interface supports multiple layers of components, see below for an example. In project with lots of components, rearranging these components into several layers can clear up the list of components.

An alternative plugin targeting the same problem is ComponentHierarchyPlugin.

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The plugin is available for different Trac versions. There is no functional difference between these versions:

Trac versionPlugin versionDownload link
Trac 0.11Subcomponents 1.0.1bz2 zip
Trac 0.12Subcomponents 1.1.2bz2 zip
Trac 1.0Subcomponents 1.2.0bz2 zip


The source can be found at .


General instructions on installing Trac plugins can be found on the TracPlugins page. After activating the plugin in the trac.ini configuration file or through the plugins page, it will be activated without requiring any further configuration.


To create components with subcomponents, then you have to add these using the standard component admin page. If you enter the following components:

  • Web
  • Web/Frontend
  • Web/Backend

then the user interface will show the Frontend and Backend as a subcomponent of the Web component.

An example of the query page after enabling this plugin:

example of how the query page looks after enabling this plugin

And the component admin page looks like this:

example of the component list on the admin page

Recent Changes

In version 1.2.0 of this plugin, the following was changed:

  • Updated for Trac 1.0, add support for the Bulk changes functionality.
  • Javascript code rewritten to utilize jQuery.

See the log of the repository for a detailed list of changes.


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