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Ticket Create Buttons plugin


The TicketCreateButtons plugin creates configurable buttons in the ticket header to create related tickets. The new ticket can inherit field values from the current ticket.


  1. Under the appropriate section inside a TracIni file you can customize ticket properties as below:
      <field-name>.<argument> = value
    • Where <field-name>.<argument> = value can be one or many from below:
      • R - Required
      • 0 - Optional
R / O Description
tag >= 0.1 R Argument to genshi.filters.Transfomer used to find the ticket form element to which the button will be prepended. Typically a custom field name.
* Example: blockedby.tag = .//td[@headers="h_blockedby"]
label >= 0.1 O The label for the button.
* Example: blockedby.label = Create
title >= 0.1 O The HTML title element used as a tool tip for the button.
* Example: blockedby.title = Create predecessor
inherit >= 0.1 O Comma-separated list of fields whose values should be inherited from the current ticket. If present but blank, no fields are inherited.
* Example: blockedby.inherit = type, milestone
No fields are inherited.
link >= 0.1 O Comma-separated list of newfield:currentfield pairs used to link the two tickets. The link field override inherit field.
* Example: = blocking:id sets the new ticket's blockedby field to the current tickets id.
set >= 0.1 O Comma-separated list of field:value pairs for setting values in the new ticket. The set field override inherit and link fields.
* Example: set = keywords:Foo sets the new ticket's keywords field to Foo.
  1. Example - Using this plugin with MasterTicketsPlugin, the following configuration creates buttons to create predecessor and successor tickets:
    blockedby.tag = .//td[@headers=&#34;h_blockedby&#34;]
    blockedby.label = Create
    blockedby.title = Create a new predecessor
    blockedby.inherit = type, milestone = blocking:id
    blocking.tag = .//td[@headers=&#34;h_blocking&#34;]
    blocking.label = Create
    blocking.title = Create a new successor
    blocking.inherit = type, milestone = blockedby:id
  2. Example - When used with SubticketsPlugin, new siblings can be created with:
    parents.tag = .//td[@headers=&#34;h_parents&#34;]
    parents.label = Create
    parents.title = Create a new sibling
    parents.inherit = type, milestone, parents


  1. Be noticed:
    1. Below instructions should be specific for some O.S. Please, help expanding this instructions.
    2. Broader installation guidelines are made available at TracPlugins
    3. Unused sections are suggested to be kept under comment. In future you might need it. For example:
      1. '''Check''' dependencies:
         i. none required
    4. [sudo], when used, is optional case you already have enough authority to modify your server.

  2. Install plugin:
    • with easy_install, globally:
      $ [sudo] easy_install
      • You might be required to select a specific tag, branch. Defaults to select from trunk

  3. Enable this component as follows:
    • by updating trac.ini file under appropriate configuration section:
      ticketcreatebuttons.* = enabled
    • or accessing your Admin panel (under selected Trac environment ..admin/general/plugins ).

  4. Configure Trac environment as follows:
    • by updating trac.ini file under appropriate configuration section:
      1. case using this plugin with SubticketsPlugin
        parents.tag = .//td[@headers=&#34;h_parents&#34;]
        parents.label = Create
        parents.title = Create a new sibling
        parents.inherit = type, milestone, parents
    • or accessing your Admin panel (under selected Trac environment ..admin/general/plugins ).

  5. Restart web server:
    • Apache on Ubuntu, example command line:
      $ [sudo] /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

  6. Test if this component is working properly (main environment and secondary ones if also exists).
    1. If the plugin is installed correct, the configuration you have made should reflect on tickets.

Bugs/Feature Requests

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If you have any issues, create a new ticket (please review base before creating).

Source & Download

You can check out TicketCreateButtonsPlugin using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac, or [download:ticketcreatebuttonsplugin download] the zipped source.

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Author: ChrisNelson
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