TimeVisualizerPlugin feedback

Feel free to add comments to here if tickets are not proper for them

2010-03-11 mape: It is generic plugin to render graphs over time based on numeric values set to some ticket field(s). Most common use I can think is to sum hours left in tasks in given milestone or period, a.k.a burndown in Scrum projects. gives probabaly a better idea what it should look like.

2008-07-01 raa: Could you please explain the meaning of charts produced by your great plugin? :-) I'd like to use it, but I do not understand the picture.

2007-11-26 mape: I wen through tickets, there is need to make new release with improvements. However, I have very little spare time, so that won't happen very soon...

2007-11-01 mape: Oh finally trac hacks is back in busines... Meanwhile I've eaten my own dog food, and yes, it tastes good :D One of my 'miniproject' (internal environment not visible to customer) is completing and results are good! I have 7 environments and 3 are using the plugin. Jira is company selected tool - but as far as I know, it lacks burndown...

2007-08-24 mape: Changed to use ISO time presentation to avoid problems :) And some feedback...

should it be macro than the plugin?

Well, i'm not so sure about naming... since trac 0.10 macros are (plugin) components. My SVG renderer on the other hand is not macro. That's why I was using plugin tag - at least it makes sense from developer point of view. However, from the end user point, the use happens through macros - so maybe i should tag this stuff under macros too.

If you could check out my TracMetrixPlugin it would be nice

I'll do that when I have time. I just returned back to work from my holiday so there is not much time just now. Do u have ur user stories (or use cases) and maybe some screenshots somewhere available? Ur project goals seem very interesting I have to admint :)

I plan to do something similar but I provide more graphs than just the burndown Matplot seemed very interesting lib. My goal was to keep external dependencies in minimum (currently on the TimingAndEstimationPlugin) and thus selected own SVG rendering. Currently my needs are very limited. I've started as project manager few months ago and running 2-10 miniprojects simultaneously. My current need is only flexible burndown to find out if some mini project is in trouble. However, in the long run there will be need for better metrix and then ur work will be very interesting. So I premise to keep watching ur work :)

2007-08-23 khundeen: This is nice, should it be macro than the plugin? The tag you use seems to be macro to me. If you could check out my TracMetrixPlugin it would be nice. I plan to do something similar but I provide more graphs than just the burndown. My plugin is developed for Trac0.11.

2007-08-22 mape: Wow, nice plugin, keep working with it :)

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